Today I want to talk about bongs. I want to talk about all kinds of different bongs. I would have to say that out of all the ways there are to smoke marijuana, the bong in my opinion is the best to get stoned with. I’ve always gotten a much much better high from smoking from a bong.

threw out my life I have had a lot of bongs. I’ve seen bongs come and go. Back In the day when I was younger, much younger I worked down in Texas on the Kings Ranch in search for oil and natural gas. Boy was that a fun job. We had to use helicopters to get out to where the job was on the ranch because it had rained down there for two weeks straight. The pilots were super cool and would let us smoke weed while in flight. Talk about being high. Hell I’ve smoked a joint at 35,000 ft. going threw clouds and shit.

Of course that’s a lot of what we did when I was on that crew down there. Every night was a Saterday night. We would get up before the sun and get back to our motel after the sun went down and we would party. Then get up and do it again.

I use to have this really cool bong that I carried with me while was out of town working. That bong went everywhere with me. The bong was a ceramic bust of a wizard smoking a pipe. The pipe the wizard smoked was the bowl you put the weed in, it stood about 10″ tall but after trying to force a cube of ice into the mouth piece I broke the top off the bong and had to take a hacksaw and cut off about 2″ off the top making it an 8″ tall bong.

Anyway I really loved that bong. You see back in thoughs days Texas didn’t have head shops but Arizona did and I had given a friend of mine 20 bucks who was going home to Arizona for a few days during our time off from searching for oil and natural gas to get me that particular bong.

I had known someone else that had the same exact bong and I wanted one. Back then we didn’t have the internet to order things we wanted so we had to choose different methods of getting thing that were hard to get.

A few days later when we were all back to work my friend came threw with my brand new wizard bust bong. I was so proud of that bong and I wouldn’t smoke weed any other way except that bong. Although I never took it out to the field with me so I had to smoke joints instead. Which is another good way to smoke weed.

I can’t remember how that bong got away from me but I lost it. I hung on to that bong for a number of years before I lost it. Since then bongs have come and gone. Some I’ve made myself others I acquired in other ways.

Today bongs are more sophisticated with all kinds of chambers, others with little slits in the water chamber in order to cause a type of Wirral pool effect. I think that was an attempt to get an even mix of smoke and air. Nonetheless, it worked very well and it was cool to watch the water turn into a vortex as you sucked in the smoke air mixture.

There are still bongs that are made the traditional way. Nothing fancy but still effective just the same. Water at the bottom and a straight tube up to the mouth and into the lungs. Now you can get bongs with multiple water chambers and smoke chambers, there are tall bongs, short bongs, bongs that have dragons on them, any kind of bong you could imagine or think up, it’s out there.

Of course, we all know what the main purpose of a bong aside from the obvious is to cool the smoke in order to get a much smoother bong hit and also get more smoke in the lungs so you can get the full effect of your favorite cannabis strain.

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I hope that this blog was informative. If you have any questions or I can help you find the best pleez leave a comment or review. Happy 420…

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