Where Can I Buy Marijuana seeds Legally, Let’s Grow Some Weed

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Buy Seeds Legally?

The question on most people who want to start growing there own marijuana is “where can I buy marijuana seeds legally? ” The answer to that question is simple,  you can buy marijuana seeds legally in the Unites States depending on what state you get the seeds from and depending on that particular States laws and you can also get seeds internationally.  There are still countries  that are up holding laws against the use of marijuana. In 1962 a treaty was signed globaly making marijuana illegal all over the world.  And even though the Federal government is starting to get on board with the legalization of marijuana and very soon the marijuana prohibition will be over because the Federal government is realizing the over all benefits of the marijuana industry,  financially as well as medically.

But as far as marijuana seeds are concerned it’s not illegal to purchase marijuana seeds or even possess them. You see the reason that marijuana seeds are not illegal is because the seed itself has no mind altering effects. The only way the seed becomes illegal is the moment the seed is germinated.  Then it becomes a plant which is illegal at the present time.

Now some States that have legalized the use of cannabis will allow you to grow your own weed. In the State of California you are allowed to cultivate for personal use in the unincorporated areas of certen counties.

California has set limitations that allow you to to grow plants only inside your private residence. San Bernardino County for example prohibits outdoor cultivation of cannabis.

For Qualified Medical Use

For medical use, each qualified patient with a Medical Marijuana ID Card may cultivate up to 12 plants inside his/her private residence.  Cultivation for medical use is limited to no more than a total of 24 plants per private residence, when more than one person with a medical ID card or primary caregiver lives at the residence.

Recreational Use

For recreational use, a person over the age of 21 years old may cultivate up to six plants inside his/her primary residence. And,  no more than a total of six plants per private residence may be cultivated for recreational Use.

Under no circumstances may not than 30 plants- 24 for medical use and 6 for recreational use can be grown in any single private residence.

Buy Marijuana Seeds Legally

Buying marijuana seeds is easy and legal if you are interested staring your own marijuana garden and your looking for good quality seeds with a wide veriaty of strains then click this link to see what “seedman” has for you.           

Most seed dispensarys will only sell seeds as a novelty item to be used as a snack food because they’re high in protein, or you can get them as a high end bird seed.  So just keep in mind that most seed dispensarys will not sell seeds for illegal use such as cultivation if that’s what you plan on doing with your seeds. 

Click that link above if your looking for some really great aperatious for all your cannabis needs. They have some really great bongs, pipes,  weed grinders and more so do yourself a favor and check out what Grasscity has in store for you. They’re not best online head shop for nothing.

Growing Marijuana, Mistakes to Avoid

If your growing your own weed at home and your a beginner there are a few things you should try and avoid.

First, during the germination stage of your seeds be very careful not to handel your seedlings to much. At this stage the roots are very delicate and can be damaged very easily so be careful when germinating your seeds.

Secondly, be sure to check the PH of your water. It’s very important to make sure that your water isn’t to acidic. This will definitely effect the plants growth. It is best to use bottled water.

Thirdly, avoid over watering your plants. You would be surprised at how little water your plants require, to much water can dround the roots causing the roots to rot, avoid “root rot”. This isn’t to say don’t water your plants just not to much. And a way to tell when to water your plants is to put your hand on the soil and if it feels damp then your OK, if it feels dry then add water. The soil should be damp, not wet.

Fourthly, don’t over feed your plants! I can’t stress this enough. If your using plant food for your plants, FOLLOW THE INSTITUTIONS on the package to the letter. Also, you really don’t need to use plant food for the first few weeks while the plants are babies.  They will get all they need from the soil it’s self, provided you use rich soil and the PH is correct and that’s about 6.0 to 7.5. If you have a tester then follow the chart that comes with the soil kit. Don’t over feed your plants!

And fifth, consistent sun light. If you have to grow your plants indoors make sure that your grow lights are adiquit for the number of plants you are growing. At first 12 hours of light each day then as the season changes reduce your daylight to about 8 hours a day until harvest.

Always remember, the proper combination of all 5 of these points that I have listed should give you the results your looking for. Nice tasty buds that will give you the results your looking for.

Cannabis News

The Las Angeles Times, Story by: Patrick McGreevy

California Cities Sue State Over Home Deliveries of Pot

In the first significant challenge to California’s open cannabis market,  24 cities that restrict pot sales sued Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration Thursday, arguing that by allowing home deliveries in their city limits,  the state is violating 2016’s Prop. 64, which legalized recreational marijuana.

Now if you ask me, I think thoughs cities are just bitching because they have nothing better to do than try to do,  what I think is a losing battle.  What the hell do they care if people get their weed delivered or not.  Before the state made it legal, people were getting weed delivered anyway. So now it’s out in the open cities want to butch.  All that’s going to do is cause these people to deliver behind their backs.  California and the counties, and cities need to get on the same page. There are too many people with the power to decide, and no one can get It together because of it. Who’s running this state anyway. Now where was I….

The law suit,  which was filed in Fresno County Superior Court against the California Bureau of Cannabis Control and it’s Chief, Lori Ajax, comes in response to a regulation adopted by the agency in January that permits state licensed firms to deliver cannabis in cities that have banned pot shops.

Here we are again,  marijuana is legal in the state of California.  Why do cities think they can change the frickin state law…

Officials from cities with prohibitions on pot sales object to the rules, voicing concerns that Home delivery of cannabis would lead to robberies of cash-laden vans an influx of illegal sellers blending in with licensed delivery fleet.

Again, if that were really true then may be they should also stop uber drivers as well. They are always getting robbed. What the delivery company should do in this case is hire an armed guard to ride along.  That’s what Colorado does. So in my opinion, that robbery thing is nothing more than an excuse because these cities have nothing better to waist their money on…

To avoid opposition from city leaders and police Chiefs,  backers of Prop 64 offered assurance in 2016 that measure would presue local control of pot sales.  The lawsuit notes that the measure introduction said that it “safeguards” local control, allowing local government to regulate marijuana related activities.

The cities behind the suit contend that the Bureau lacks legal authority to allow deliveries in conflicts with local government veto power over pot sales in their jurisdictions.

“We dont want deliveries in our city because of the concerns over criminal activities” said a Walter Allen III, a city councilman in Covina and retired police officer.  “The problem we have is the state has taken upon itself to bypass Prop. 64 and supersede our local ordinances, and we are really upset about that”.

Plaintiffs include the cities of Covina, Downey,  Riverside, and Beverly Hills are among the 80% of California’s 482 municipalities that that have banned stores selling cannabis for recreational purpose.

Anyway, the story goes on and on,  but you get the point. They’re the haters and there are only a hand full of them compared to all the people that use marijuana.  They will never stop people from using marijuana. Because if they could than they would have already.


So, as I’ve mentioned you may buy or possess marijuana seed as long as they are not used for illegal use,  such as growing marijuana from them.  But you can grow plants according to state law. And with that being said I say exercise your God given right and light up.

Also don’t forget that April 20th= 4/20.

If you have any questions or a comment pleez leave it in the comment section below.

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