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Proposition 64 allows adults over 21 to possess 1 oz. of marijuana or 8 grams of cannabis concentrate.

The Cannabis Industry is Exploding

It appears that the U.S. Government is starting to take a closer look into the legalization of cannabis and its health benefits. Ten years ago the U.S. Government had been getting false information about cannabis and its health benefits. Since the 29 States have legalized the use of marijuana medical and recreational it has opened a flood gate for jobs around the United States such as farming, merchants, as well as the medical field. The revenue aspects in the cannabis industry are off the charts. At the present time the cannabis industry is at $10.8 Billion annually and it is going to continue keep to rising.

According to a 2019 Cannabis Harvest projection says that California has to many marijuana farms and if something isn’t done about it that it will devastate the industry.

Vessel Logistics, a San Francisco based cannabis distribution company, discovered that more than 1,142 acres of cannabis farms hold state permits. If, you were to do the math it adds up to about 9 million pounds of crops every year. Now that is a lot of pot smoking. Even if, that number were cut in half California would still have an over supply which is unavoidable.

California isn’t the only state with over production of the tasty bud plant. It seems that Oregon growers are producing two times what the market can support and that there is a six years supply of weed sitting on Shelves and farms.

Over production is just one of the problems that California is facing. Temporary licensing is becoming a major problem and could send growers back into the black market unless the Legislature passes a law to that will push back the dead line for an extension. Also, legal statuses for cannabis cultivation and sales have become a messy business as well.

As if that wasn’t enough problems, city and county government are also restricting retail and delivery businesses within their jurisdiction. As I understand it, when medical marijuana became legal in some States the federal government left it up to the states to outline their own amendments and enforce any laws prudent to that particular state. This was the federal government’s way of giving themselves time to Chang their minds.

elves time to make up their own minds about the legalization of marijuana. Which they’re coming close to making up their minds in favor of marijuana because they are now realizing the financial explosion associated with marijuana, and that marijuana has many health benefits. And now they want their piece of the pie too. Everybody is cashing in.

Job Market

The cannabis industry has opened up a huge job market all over California. So this is just one more of the benefits surounding the cannabis industry. From what i have seen in my research there are a lot of cannabis based jobs out there and they’re are some pretty good jobs that pay very well. There are jobs such as financial controller, teimer/packager, bud tender, dispensary associated, and the list goes on.

Since the legalization of cannabis in 29 States the job market has begun to flourish in California. I don’t know anyone out there who wants to work in the cannabis business or not, but if you do, then your only a search and a mouse click away. I’ll tell you, if your looking for a job, may I suggest you turn your attention toward the cannabis work force. What’s the worst that could happen? They could say “NO”. In that case you won’t be any worse off. But I have a good feeling about this. The beauty of this is that you have a lot to choose from. You don’t have to be a pot smoker to work in the cannabis industry, and there are a lot of career oriented businesses.


Marijuana Funnies

Q: How do your a true stoner?

A: When your bong gets washed mire than your dishes.

Police Officer: How high are you?

Stoner: No officer, it’s Hi, how are you.

Q: why is the roach clip called a roach clip?

A: Because pot holder was taken.

If the world smoked a joint at the same time there would be world peace for at least 2 hours followed by aglobal food shortage.

Qhy don’t you see any pot heads in elementary school?

A: Because they’re all in high school.

Q: what So you call an apple pie getting high at McDonald’s?

A: A baked apple pie .

Q: what did the stoner girlfriend say?

A: If I can’t marry a dude, I’ll marry Jane.

Q: What do you call money that grows on trees?

A: Marijuana.

Q: What is the difference between a drunk and a stoner at a stop sign?

A: The drunk guy runs it and the stoner waits for it to turn green.

Q: What do you call a stoner spilling his weed on the floor?

A: Drud Abuse.

Chewing Cannabis, Just a Little pinch between the cheek & gum

A new cannabis company, Cannadips, is selling a line of chewable cannabis pouches modeled after old fashioned chewing tobacco, or snus. Composed of monk fruit, essential oils, and a dry cannabis tincture enclosed in a small coconut fiber pouch, the cannabinoids absorb through the mouth’s lining and directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the… + continue reading



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