About Vance

Welcome everyone to my website. My mission is to assist you in finding the right Smoking Accessories for those of you who smoke cannabis (marijuana) or tobacco, but primarily cannabis.

My Story

I began smoking marijuana around 1976. I was on my way to summer school and on my way I ran into a friend of mine who was sitting in the park that I had to pass on my way to the school. I walked over to where he was sitting to say hello.

He had been sitting at a picnic table and as I was walking up to him I noticed that he had a pipe in his hand. It was the type of pipe you would use to smoke tobacco in. But that wasn’t what he had in it. What he had in the pipe was marijuana.

He had asked me if I ever smoked weed before. Of course, I told him I had no, before that day. Well he handed that pipe to me and I lit it and took a nice long pull on that pipe. That was my first hit of weed ever I started coughing my ass off. I tried handing the pipe back to him but he told me to hit it again and before I knew it I had smoked that whole bowl of weed. I was so stoned and not to mention paranoid. I just sat there for a while trying to get my act together I didn’t know what to do.

I still had to walk the rest of the way to school. So he and I began walking toward the high school and so far I was doing ok, being as stoned as I was, and as long as my friend was walking with me.

Of course that time came when my friend and I had to part ways and he went his way and went mine. The paranoia began to set in once again because now I’m really stoned, all alone, and having to face my class and my classmates.

Once I made to class it seemed as if everyone was staring at me and my classmates who were my friends as well seemed to be really messing with me in class.

Needless to say, that was the first time I ever got stoned on marijuana. Since then, I’ve smoked a lot of weed and there had been times when I didn’t have the proper apparatus for smoking my weed. At times, I’ve had to use an aluminum can to smoke my weed, or make a pipe out of tin foil, I’ve even constructed a pipe out of an apple. So I completely understand the need for proper Smoking Accessories.



Since marijuana has been legalized in all 50 States people who didn’t smoke marijuana before are now smoking or taking marijuana in one form or another. I want to give people an opportunity to find an array of Smoking Accessories that they can be comfortable using.


The reason I want to help people is because I want my website to be everyones one stop to be able to find out any relivent information concerning your cannabis needs.

With cannabis coming close to becoming legal on the Federal level there are more people using marijuana for a variety of different reasons and I want to be able to provide up to date,  accurate information .


I designed this website to help thoughs of you out there with relivent information on everything that has to do with cannabis use. Everything from the legalization of cannabis, to cannabis products such as bongs, and pipes ect , to health benefits surrounding cannabis use.

All the best,

Vance Clark